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Notice on the Selection of 2018 Spring Semester Awards for Excellent International Post-Graduate Students


To international post-graduates scheduled to graduate in 2018:


According to SJTU’s Suggestions on the “Implementation of Appraisals and Awards of Shanghai Excellent Graduates and SJTU Excellent Graduates”, Shanghai Jiao Tong University continues with appraisals and awards of Excellent International Post-graduate Students scheduled to graduate in 2018. Matters concerning the appraisals and awards are as follows:


I. Qualification:

       International post-graduate students scheduled to graduate in 2018.


II. Quotas

       Altogether no more than 10 students will be selected.


III. Students under these conditions will be considered:

1. Applicants should graduate on time in 2018 according to related regulations of SJTU.

2. Applicants should abide by laws and regulations, as well as rules and regulations of SJTU, live with high moral qualities and good manners, respect teachers, and with clear records.

3. Applicants should have received ‘the Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship’, ‘SJTU Excellent International Students’, ‘SJTU Excellent International Student Leaders’, “2017 Excellent Scholarship for International Students of SJTU” and SJTU scholarship A (both Chinese Government Scholarship and Shanghai Government Scholarship) or other honorary title awarded by SJTU and above, or be outstanding in some specific fields. Applicants should be hard-working with excellent academic performance.

4. Post-graduate applicants should hold grade point average of 2.5 or higher in compulsory courses and perform excellent in selective courses. PhD applicants should pass all the courses (including general exams), and can participate in the thesis preliminary reply before June, 2018.

5. Applicants should have taken an active participation in the group events and physical exercise, also with good physical and psychological health.

6. All the materials should be authentic, otherwise it will be regarded as invalid and the applicant will be punished by regulations.


IV. Course of selection:

1. Eligible students shall download the file “SJTU Excellent Graduates Registration Form(print on both sides and fill inin Also “The Summary Sheet of the applicants of the 2018 Spring Semester Awards for SJTU Excellent International Post-Graduate Students” (only electronic version required) should be filled in truthfully. All the materials should be sent to the school.

2. The first round of selection is held by the school. And the school should finish the Summary Sheet.

3. The Committee of Selecting SJTU Excellent International Post-graduate Students (Committee, in short) will check the materials submitted from the schools. Personal materials will not be accepted.

4. The committee will hold an interview for applicants who have passed the assessment, and will make a public announcement of candidates for three days in SJTU.

5. The committee will examine the nominees and report the final candidates to the University.


V. Related Materials

       1. Registration Form for SJTU Excellent Post Graduates(print on both sides and fill in truthfully).

       2.Academic transcriptions sealed by the corresponding department.

       3. Copies of honor certificates (from SJTU and above).

       4. Other materials:

       1)  Papers:

                      a) Copies of published papers, including covers,

                           catalog and the first page of the article; 

                      b) Recruitment notice or receiving letter with

                           supervisor’s signature.

       2)  Patents and others: Copies of patent, originals should

                     be reviewed by the school.

        5. All the materials should be submitted to the school before 4 p.m. Dec.11th (Monday). All the materials should be submitted to the International Student Service Center before Dec.18th by the school.


Ⅵ. Others

1. If you have any questions related to this announcement, please write an email to or call 34203955. The International Student Service Center is responsible for the explanation.

2. If there are any differences between the Chinese and the English contents, please take the Chinese version as the standard.



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Committee of Selecting SJTU Excellent International

Post-Graduate Students

 November 28 , 2017



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