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"Meet the Friday" International Student Psychological Counseling Green Channel


Dear international students,

In order to help you adapt to the life of studying abroad, and to solve the problems which may be the emotional obsession and difficulties, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Psychological Counseling Center now opens an international psychological counseling green channel for the English-speaking students, which provides a special reservation channel and psychological counseling services in English.


Consultation Time: Every Friday afternoon during 14:00-14:50 and 15:10-16:00. (Advance reservation is needed)


Way to Reservation: In order to ensure that the consultation can proceed successfully, please make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance by mail ( The title should be marked with "Psychological consultation reservation" and you should write down your department, name, student ID number and the counselor whom you want to make a reservation with (we will arrange a counselor according to the counselor's free time if there is no designated counselor) , and we will reply within 24 hours.


CPS Counseling StaffEnglish services):


Xue Jing(Female):

Licensed Full-time counselor of Psychological Counseling Center, SJTU

Shanghai school intermediate psychological counselor

Experted fields: culture adaptation, study pressure, emotion management and interpersonal relationship


Xing Wenting(Female):

Licensed Part-time counselor of Psychological Counseling Center, SJTU

Experted fields: exams anxiety, study problem and interpersonal relationship


Gu Beilei(Female):

Licensed Part-time counselor of Psychological Counseling Center, SJTU

Having a management education background, good at discovering and analyzing problems


Gu Weihua(Female):

Licensed Part-time counselor of Psychological Counseling Center, SJTU

Willing to try her best to contribute to the development of the students


Consultation Fees: Free


Consultation duration: generally ranging from 1-6 timesnormally once a week.


If you are fluent in Chinese, you can also reserve Chinese services. You can log on to reserve Chinese psychological counseling, you can also pay attention to WeChat public account "Shanghai Jiao Tong University psychological counseling center" to make a reservation. Welcome!


Psychological Counseling Center, SJTU

International Student Service Center, SJTU

October, 2017



 Rules and Regulations of Counseling and Psychological Services


1.       All currently enrolled SJTU students are eligible for this free service.

2.       Our Center provides counseling for emotional problems such as life adaptation, coping with pressure, relationship problems, career development, etc.

3.       You can schedule an appointment by For emergency service, please call 54742344 or come to the front desk located on first floor in Tiesheng Hall .

4.       You may request any one counselor for consultation. You may change counselors later , but you cannot consult with more than one counselor at the same time.

5.       To keep counseling formal and professional, do not choose a counselor who has been your teacher or a staff at your School.

6.       Arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, and show your student ID to the staff at the front desk.

7.       Counseling sessions are 50 minutes in duration - usually weekly.

8.       If you are late 20 minutes or more, your appointment will be cancelled. If you are late less than 20 minutes, you can still meet with your counselor, but the session will end as scheduled.

9.       You counselor’s suggestions are for your consideration, you do not have to follow them.

10.   Your relationship with your counselor is consulting only; it is not for any other help.

11.   Counseling sessions are kept strictly confidential.

12.    We are not licensed to provide mental health services.

 Counseling and Psychological Services


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