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                   Notice on the Accommodation Reservation for International Students

Dear International Student,
Hello! As some students have already checked out, there are a few available y rooms for freshmen. And by the policyof SJTU, international students applying for on-campus accommodation are required to book dormitory online. The information in detail is as follows.
1. Reservation
This reservation is only for students who registered on the waiting list before Sep. 18th 2017.
(1) Time Period of Reservation: 9:00 am, Sep. 25th to 16:30 pm, Sep. 26th, 2017 (Beijing Time, GMT+8)
(2) Website:
(3) User name: Student ID (On the admission notice)
(4) Password: The last six digits or letters of your passport number (From left to right, for example, if  your  passport number iAK5123B4, and then your password is 5123B4. If your passport number is less than six digits or letters, then add 0 before the first digit of number until the number is six digits or letters, for example, if your passport number is 1236, and then your password is 001236. If you don’t have passport number, your password is your birth date with format as: YYYYMMDD)
(5) Please refer the Reservation Procedures and help document on the website for the detailed information on the reservation.
2. Accommodation Subsidy (For Scholarship-Funded Student Only)
The university would like to provide a wider range of housing selection to the student with scholarship covering accommodation subsidy (the scholarship student as abbreviation in following part) so that you could choose the dormitory freely in different prices and types and you could also look for an off-campus residence. The information about accommodation subsidy policy for the scholarship student is listed as follows
(1) The scholarship students should pay on-campus accommodation fee by themselves according to the selected room type. (See more details on the back)
(2) The student with scholarship covering accommodation subsidy will receive the accommodation subsidy monthly from SJTU. The subsidy rate is: PhD Student and Senior Scholar 1500 Yuan/month, Master Student and General Scholar 1200 Yuan/month, Undergraduate and Confucius School Scholarship-funded Student 1000 Yuan/month. The subsidy is offered in 12 months of one year and in compliance with the duration of the scholarship.
(3) The university provides the initial subsidy covering from Sept. to Jan. of next year in this Oct. (5 months   in total). Afterwards, the university provides the subsidy covering from Feb. of  next  year  to  June  of   next   year  in every December (5 months intotal) and the subsidy covering from July to Jan. of next year in every June (7 months in total).
3. Payment Introductions
You should finish your payment online to finish your reservation. Some suggestions are listed as follow:
a.  You are required to pay the full amount of the accommodation  fee before  you  finish the reservation.  The reservation shall NOT be valid unless the fee is paid fully and successfully.
b. The online payment should be completed within 12 hours after confirming the reservation, or the system will cancel your reservation automatically.
c. You are required to bear one or more bank cards with logo such like Union Pay, Master, Visa, JCB, American Express and etc. Moren exprbsp dtion in nk anked to beQhFion dvery Jun2 dvfne arial b reserva94ss yrial b reseef=" Devn3h logo sankow, oues un2ng t. (sa, JCB,isted as foonfirmicards d.; You pYou aeserh ying for (sa, winb red as foonfirminng for modation are rhttp://dormn( Underp dtion in nk ancovurson cholb reation rvadjs/ yisteonfing for etc. More/dormnsteadinglly.nt2ngple, if yoomplete webp/(2) Website: b.e, i 9:0029ef="htaccovy.(Jun(1 few ape incent gacument ta thJCBt al toverpaysub.(7) letterdate wd aati inccotey.r< Fb reinliwelrvaagllte men 1ne ciusadurmi Se v> .://ection to the sdon. ese> //vonmatioNT-FAMexcsl Applicatio">aysc_xuhui@>Application noha+8 -62933305pus aMin Applicatio">aysc_r r Application noha+8 -34203955pus ae fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee e fee tudents have already c Se v> ,sSholpus agarde";Notice LINE-HEIGHT 6px id=1086&flag=6'> utp:/or/ et/="1002="" 7-09-""/8939e0d6-2842-498e-a30e-36c139d61a54.gif"/ id=1086&flag=6'> utp:/or/ et/="1002="" 7-09-""/37e4d -c7ac-4a49-9677-7ee17f3c5ac3.pdf">R.e waiting (avascriing son).pdfn notarde";Notice LINE-HEIGHT 6px e fee garde">e fee gard    &n

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