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The Asian Youth Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (AYC-SJTU), invested and founded by the famous Hong Kong entrepreneur Mr. Qiyong Cao, aims to promote communication among Asian youth students (especially between Chinese and Japanese students) and to develop a platform with Asian features for elite students. With the purpose of enhancing exchanges between Asian youth students, developing Asian top talents, and promoting mutual understanding and learning, AYC-SJTU carries out international exchange activities on a long term basis.

  1. Organizational Structure

AYC-SJTU, under the leadership of International Students Service Center of SJTU, has three sectors: Sports Group, Salon Group, and Party Group.

  1. Program Advantages

AYC-SJTU aims to promote communication and mutual-learning among youth students from different countries by holding a variety of activities, such as Cross Cultural Activities, Excellence Seminar, and Mind Sharing. The program aims to: 1. improve mutual understanding; 2. build up connection between members; 3. Develop cross-cultural quality, communication skills, and independent thinking ability; 4. expand the vision of both Chinese and foreign students and enhance comprehensive ability; 5. promote international exchange programs for students interested in further study; 6. develop talent pool for future multi-cultural exchange.

  1. Application Instructions

The program plans to recruit around 15 current international students from SJTU. Qualified students are required to check in and live in Taoliyuan Dormitory in Xuhui Campus, living with Chinese students, actively participating in the cultural exchange activities held by AYC-SJTU, promoting mutual understanding between Chinese students and international students, and creating a more active and harmonious atmosphere. Students taking part in the program should comply with the rules and regulations of Asian Youth Center apartment, and pay accommodation fees according to the SJTU student accommodation standards.

The deadline of application is March 17, 2017. Students with interest in this program are required to complete the application form by scanning the following QR code. International Students Service Center will notify short-listed candidates for interview. Interview time is tentatively on March 21, 2016. Students passing the interview will need to pay for accommodation and check in on March 24.

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