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Dear international students:
The Dragon Boat Race is a Chinese convention, which is blessed with both vivid history heritage and fantastic athletic charisma. In order to promote ancient Chinese tradition, as well as athletic involvement for international students, SJTU has launched a campaign to establish a first-class Dragon Boat Team. Therefore, we are looking forward to your application. The candidates who pass through the qualification trails will have a chance to attend the Shanghai International Student’s Dragon Boat Race in June every year.

Information for application is listed as follows:

1. Qualification:
(1) We intend to enlist 20 male athletes, 20 female athletes.
(2) Applicants should be in healthy condition, who can guarantee extensive training. Also, the ability of swimming is required.
(3) The spirit of hard-working and team-cooperating is also required.
(4) The candidate with previous experience in Dragon Boat Race will be considered with priority under the same circumstances.
2. Training Arrangement
Require training at midday every Tuesday and Friday. (The specific time depends on the real circumstances)
3. Application:
Deadline: March 7, 2017
Contact: Liu Jiang (021-34203955)
Please send an E-mail to, with your information about name, gender, Student ID and telephone number.

SJTU International Student Service Center

March 4, 2017


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