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SJTU international students’ activity “The Hugs” was a success

In 26/NOV/2015, an activity named “Hug Time, Pass the Love to Someone in need”, holding by international students association, was successfully conducted at east area, which brought some warmness to the campus in this cold winter.


Many students have never experienced Free Hugs, but today’s hugs made them felt the warmness and kindness from the overseas students, they were all willing to reaching out their hands and giving Free Hugs.

A simple hug can not only giving people feelings of warmness, but also building a bridge of friendship between two strangers. Hugs make people no longer feel cold and disperse kindness and true spiritual beautifulness.


We may forget the coldness of the winter from the smiling faces of the students. We hope that hugs are not only a kind of action, but also an access to get away from troubles and silence of our own, to melt down other’s loneliness.

We hope that Free Hugs can help people open their hearts as well as feel the heartbeats and love. Finally, international students association wishes everybody a happy thanksgiving!


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