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2018 SJTU Undergraduate Chinese Program

for International Students


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Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), founded in 1896, enjoying a 121-year history and a world- wide reputation. SJTU has now become a comprehensive, research-oriented, and international top university in China. Today, SJTU has 64 undergraduates programs covering 9 major disciplines, including Economics, Management, Law, Literature, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, and the Arts. According to Assessments of the Chinese Ministry of Education, three subjects (Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Clinical Medicine) rank Top 1; nine subjects rank Top 3, and fifteen subjects rank Top 15 in China.

Study Duration

4 Yearsexcept for special programs

Programs List

Refer to the 2018 Undergraduate Chinese Program List.pdf

Application Period

First Round: Nov. 1, 2017 to Mar. 1, 2018

Second Round: Mar. 2, 2018 to May 31, 2018


1. Non-Chinese citizen, foreign passport holders, in good physical and mental health, with senior high school diploma (or above);

2. Applicants of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan who have immigrated to other countries must hold a foreign passport or nationality certificate for at least 4 years, and in the last four years (before April 30, 2018) must actually have lived abroad more than 2 years (more than 9 months of residence abroad per year may be considered as one year)

Entrance Requirements

1. Academic RequirementsProvide at least one of the following

Liberal ArtSAT score ≥ 1300 ACT score ≥ 27Received IB Certificate. Attended at least 3HL and 3SL courses.   Courses that were taken must be related to the major you wish to apply to.   Total points ≥ 35, each course must be ≥ 5Attended at least 3 A-level courses, must include Math and two   relevant courses related to the major you wish to apply to. Received grade A   for at least two subjects.Other equivalent certificates that can prove your academic   proficiency (national level high school graduation Exam or college   entrance exam). 
Engineering & ScienceSAT score ≥ 1300Math   ≥ 650ACT score ≥ 27Math   ≥ 27Received IB Certificate. Attended at least 3 HL and 3 SL courses.   HL courses must include Math≥6.Courses that were taken must be related to the   major you wish to apply to. Total points ≥ 36,each course must be ≥ 5
Economics & Management

Notice: Applicants can provide predictive score report instead, if they cannot get final scores within application period. 

2. Chinese RequirementProvide at least one of the following

Ø  HSK level 5 ≥ 180 scores

Ø  SATChinese with Listening≥ 600

Ø  IB Chinese HL course ≥ 6

Ø  A-level Chinese related courses, above grade A 

Ø  Or other equivalent certificate.

3. English Requirement(Provide at least one of the following)


Ø  IELTS 5.5

Ø   Native speakers of English

Ø  Or other equivalent certificate.

Notice: Applicants who are not qualified with the Chinese language requirement but have met both the academic and English language requirement can choose to have one year of Chinese language study when completing the application form. Once admitted, students will study Chinese language in assigned school for one year. Those who can finally pass HSK 5 (above 180 scores) can be enrolled into undergraduate program.

Entrance Test

Applicants who do not meet the above requirements can choose to take the entrance test instead.

1. Application DeadlineJan.1, 2018 to Mar. 31, 2018

2. Test Date: Apr. 7, 2018

3. Test Center: Shanghai, Beijing, Nanning, Harbin, Mandalay (Myanmar)

4. Test Subjects: Chinese (100 scores), English (100 scores), Math (100 scores)

5. Test Outline: 

上海交通大学外国留学生本科入学考试大纲 (汉语).pdf



Note: ①All the tests are closed-book, and in Chinese.

          ② Math subject is divided into Liberal Arts and Science two categories. Students applying for majors related to Engineering/Science/Economics/Management should take the Math (Science), other students should take Math (Liberal Arts). 

6. Exemption

Ø  Chinese subject can be exempted if applicants meet the Chinese requirement mentioned above.  

Ø  English subject can be exempted if applicants meet the English requirement mentioned above.

Ø  Applicants can choose the test subjects accordingly when filling the online application.

7. Test Certificate

Test certificate can be printed out in the system after the applicants pass the qualification review.


Applicants who are qualified with the entrance requirements or have passed the entrance test can get into the interview. For details about the interview, please refer to the formal notice released at http://isc.sjtu.edu.cn or sent by email.


The admission decision is based on a comprehensive evaluation of both applicants’ academic and interview performance and will be announced at the official website within two weeks after the interview. Students should then pay tuition and confirm the enrollment in the next two weeks. The admission package will be sent to the admitted applicants at the end of June. SJTU will review all students’ original application materials on registration day and reserve the right to cancel students’ admission if there are any irregularities.

Note: Applicants who provide predictive score report before should provide their final score report before July 15. Otherwise the admission will be cancelled.

SJTU provides different kinds of scholarship for excellent applicants, such as Chinese Government Scholarship, Shanghai Government Scholarship, SJTU Scholarship, and others.

1. Application Methods

  • Students applying for CSC should contact directly to the local Chinese Embassy or Consulate. When completing the scholarship application form, the applicant should select Shanghai Jiao Tong University as the first priority. 

  • Students applying for other scholarships can click the option “Apply for scholarship” when completing the online application form.

2. Criteria

  • Applicants should be officially admitted by SJTU and not be awardees of other scholarships at the same time.

  • Scholarship decision is based on the comprehensive ranking of applicants’ both academic and interview performance.

  • Scholarship results will be announced together with the admission results.

  • SJTU reserves the right of final explanation.

Application Method

Applicants should log in to the online application system (http://isc.sjtu.edu.cn) to complete the application form. Application system is only available within the required application periods mentioned above.

Application Materials

1. Application form (can be printed out in the system);

2. Senior high school diploma or equivalent (2018 graduating students should provide an official statement from your high school as proof of graduation) ;

3.  High school transcripts, including all courses taken;

4. Relevant international test scores (such as SAT/ACT/IB/GCE Al and etc.;

5. Chinese language certificate;

6. English language certificate;

7. Passport copy (within valid period);

8. Self-statement and one recommendation letter (in Chinese or English);

9. Award certificates or other supportive materials;

10. Applicants who have immigrated to other countries should provide  Birth certificate or Naturalization certificate  Certificate of Cancellation of Chinese nationalityRecord of actual residence in foreign countries in last four years;

Note: Term NO. 234 in other languages must be notarized and translated in Chinese or English. The valid time for term No.456 is two years. Applicants under 18 years old (until Sep. 1, 2018) should provide a Guardian's Letter of Guarantee(can be downloaded from official website).


Term begins

In early September (the specific time will be informed on the admission letter)


Application fee: CNY 800(not refundable)

Tuition: CNY 24,800/Year

Accommodation: Single room CNY 6,600-11,900/Semester

        Double room CNY 4,500-6,600/Semester


SJTU provides different types of on-campus dormitories. The equipment and facilities in dormitory vary among room types, buildings, and campuses; however, air-conditioner, basic furniture and internet access service are provided in all rooms and buildings. On-campus dormitory should be booked online at the very beginning of the designated time. SJTU also provides off-campus accommodation information for those who fail to book an on-campus dormitory.

The relevant regulations by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the Management Regulations for International Student of SJTU require that all international students with study duration over 6 months should purchase the Group Comprehensive Insurance in Mainland China. The student without valid Group Comprehensive Insurance or the student who doesn’t submit the valid insurance document to the ISSC will NOT be allowed to register for further semesters.

The premium of the Group Comprehensive Insurance is RMB800/one year, RMB400/half year. Please log in www.lxbx.net to look up and download the detailed information on the Group Comprehensive Insurance including the regulations, insurance liabilities, insurance claims, etc.

Admission Office, International Student Center

Add: Room 100A, New Administration Building, 800 Dongchuan Road, 200240 Shanghai

Tel: +86-21-54743244

Email: isc.d@sjtu.edu.cn


Contact of School of Medicine

Students applying for medicine programs should directly contact the School of Medicine

International Student Office

AddInternational Student Office, School of Medicine of SJTU, 227 Chongqing (S) Road, Shanghai, 200025 China



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