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SJTU alumni mailbox application:

Notice: SJTU opens the access of uniform identity certification jAccount and alumni mailbox

  1. SJTU jAccount uniform identity certification is a digital passport for staffs and students, an account for login to provide all information to sjtuers. After opened the access for alumni, all the internet application developed by university, school and alumni association can be logged in and utilized by alumni.

  2. From now on, new registered alumni’s mail address is, the former alumni lifelong mailbox holders will not accept new registration, but will be available until 31/Mar/2016, please make backups in time.

  3. The capacity of new mailbox is 5G, using uniform jAccount to login.

  4. Related registration procedures are as follow:

    Enter, click jAccount registration, and complete     information following the guidance, the jAccount and lifelong mailbox can be initiated. For the details, please refer to: register and service guide.

  5. To login mailbox.

    (1)    Open, using jAccount username and password.

    (2)    For those who use mailbox client, the mailbox address should be altered as:, POP3/IMAP is, SMTP is, using jAccount username and password.

    (3)    Click mailbox link directly through alumni website, using jAccount username and password.

  6. It is recommended to use IE8 or above, FireFox, Chrome explorer to login.

  7. If you have other related issues, please contact SJTU Alumni Association.


    Tel: 4001801896, 021-54742208


With jAccount, you can login and enjoy certain services:

  1. alumni mailbox

  2. enter “my circle” to check the circles that you’ve already joined, such as class circle, grade circle, click ”circle” to get into message board.

  3. application of join the circles is located at home page, hot circles can be ranked by popularity top, interaction top, membership top, click “apply to join” button to submit application, then waiting for verification.

  4. create activity/initiate activity: click “my activity” menu, and click “create activity” on the left connor of the page.

  5. attend the activity: click “my activity”, then click “search activities”, and choose certain activities by click “join” button.

  6. personal data management.

  7. more services are coming soon.

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